Meeting Recaps

October 9, 2017 Meeting Recap

Another excellent meeting last Monday!  We were 14 in attendance, including Nevena, our E4 Area Director, who visited our club for the first time.

A few highlights:

Larry was the Toastmaster and chose the intriguing theme of “WHY”, which popped up all over the meeting.

Steve shared opening words by asking: why are we here? In his wise words, to find what we are passionate about and to serve others.

David gave a speaking tip on how to master the art of inserting a video in a PowerPoint presentation, which he illustrated with absolute perfection.

David returned to the stage for the first speech – an after dinner speech, where he bemoaned the many iterations of cell phones since the beginning of the century. He ended by asking why we carry phones if we don’t bother answering them anymore?

Alyce was the second speaker and piqued our curiosity on the topic of “Clean Meat”. She shared her investigation on recent breakthrough research on growing animal cells in the lab, which are reported to look and taste like the real thing.  P.S. This is not science fiction!

Eric gave his ice breaker speech from the Pathways program. He received a standing ovation for being the first Pros member to use Pathways!  After signing up for Pathways and answering a series of questions, the “Motivational Strategies” path was selected for him and he explained why this is indeed a very fitting path for him.

Grace led the discussion centered around the question “WHY”, which generated many thought-provoking and insightful answers from everyone.

Melissa was the General Evaluator and invited Anita, Michael, Carol S, and Nathan to evaluate our speakers, which they each did expertly.

Marie delivered the Rooney and pleaded with the audience to understand why so many people hate housework.  Although no substantive answers were found, everyone was pleased to finally meet my vacuum cleaner in all her sanitary glory.

Nevena offered her guest comments in Serbian, which allowed us all to learn how to say “wonderful meeting” in her native tongue.


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