Meeting Recaps

Invitation to Presentation Pros Toastmasters – Monday, September 14, 2015 Meeting

This is an invitation and reminder for our upcoming meeting, on September 14, 2015. Please forward this email to invite colleagues and friends, because their presence and input help us practice our presentation expertise!

The theme of the meeting is “Viva Mexico!” Yes, Santa Barbara Fiesta is making a brief come-back, because the actual Mexican Independence Day is Wednesday, September 16th. So please invite some guests to the party.  By the way, guests can invite guests too.  Click here for time and location.



Toastmaster: Sandra Eacret
Opening words: Annie Dai
Speaking Tip (or, Innovator):  Mary Joe Alburger 
Timer: Linda Wisner
Speakers*: Randy Rightmire, Grace Rachow, and Ximeng
General Evaluator: Nathan Ohren
Evaluators: Marie Azzaria, Jen Wu, Carol Gemberling Stewart
Discussion Leader: Ron Guilbault
Discussion Leader Evaluator:  Michael Kwan
Rooney: Luis
Back-up Speaker: ________

* Speakers please email Sandra with your introduction and send Ron your Powerpoints no later than the Saturday before the meeting.

Members please send RSVP or questions to:  Grace – or 682-6943

  • PLEASE NOTE THE MEETING TIME: 7:00PM to 9:00PM – please arrive at least 10 minutes early

August  10, 2015 Meeting Recap

Marie Azzaria was our Presiding Officer and Grace Rachow was our Toastmaster for the evening.
As bizarre as it sounds, the theme for the evening was “Happy Birthday, Ron!”. Because it was Ron’s exact birth date, we all agreed to applause and cheer every time someone said that it was “Ron Guilbault’s Birthday.”

Opening words were shared by Sandra Eacret, expressing both celebration and a melancholy note of empathy (for putting Ron into this awkward position).

Remaining information forthcoming…


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