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May 2010 Meeting Notes

Ron was out Presiding Officer.

Enrique was out Toastmaster and his theme was Impromptu.

After a brief educational with tips on impromptu speaking and having method for choosing topics described we got to work.

The Speakers/Topics

Lennart/My Family



Debbie/Plastic Surgery

Mikki/My Favorite Passion

Bob/My Favorite Vacation

Ruth/Be Careful What You Wish For

Keith/Bottled Water



Enrique/Voting in The Primary

While having sufficient time for preparation can be very valuable, at this meeting we proved one could deliver an excellent speech without having more than a couple of minutes of preparation. A valuable lesson or reminder.

We had three guests, Wendy, Ruth and Debbie.

We had 12 in attendance

*** Please welcome Debbie, she has joined Presentation Pros ***


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